Ambassador of Love

Have you ever doubted yourself and your ability to create exactly what you want, especially when it comes to romance?  I noticed, when I was single and interested in meeting the right guy, many people told me that there was no such thing.  That I better be open and make the best from what was already available to me.  I never wanted to believe that.  So I did my own thing despite the annoyance of having to be in contradiction with people around me who constantly insisted I go out more and date random people.

Given that I have done some work on myself, besides traditional education, yoga, meditation, training and development programs and was a coach for a few years, I started to doubt that I can have a perfect relationship given that I have never really seen one, especially not in close proximity.  My parents were divorced and to this day not all is said and settled between them… and perhaps never will be… So I really doubted that I could have “forever” kind of deal, given that I learned only how men don’t live up to our expectations and could not be fully trusted.

Yet, I never stopped believing.  Rather, I never stopped being willing to want it.  And, having been heart broken over and over again in life, and not only because of romance going sour, I still never ever gave up.  That doesn’t make me better person, but sure does make me someone who was more likely going to get what she wanted in love.

So, my question to you is, what is it you really want?  What is it you truly believe in?  Please share …

The beginning…

I was thinking of beginning this blog for a long time.  Somehow, nothing ever felt quite right, so I ended up not posting anything at all.  In interim, speaking about intentions of my writing with other people, I have faced nothing but a huge demand for what I have to say and my particular point of view on the subject of a broken heart.

So, here I am to tell you the story, in the present, with flesh backs and flash forwards on how to heal a broken heart.  I don’t know if I can call myself an expert.  I certainly didn’t get any degree on the subject nor there is a thing in school that I could ever find to help me with what I was dealing with in life.  It’s simple.  My circumstances were particular and in the face of my circumstances, what I chose to do made me who I am today, made me someone who can say a word or two about how to heal.

If you feel tightness around your chest, if you are having a hard time swallowing at the thought of your ex or the father that was never there, or you simply don’t know what to do with all the anger that is within, you may want to check in my posts from time to time and try some of my methods.

Nothing I will say here is new.  I have learned everything I apply from others, from life… But perhaps in relating to some of it, you can find your peace and unleash your infinite power to love, to love again and more than ever.