The Emptiness Within…

I have been told many times that my happiness depends on how happy I make people around me.  Deep inside, I always wanted to make sure I take care of myself so that I am never a burden to someone else.  I had an expectation that every other person takes care of him/herself such that everyone else doesn’t need to worry about them… I can see how my theory fails as it is so very hard to remain happy when people around us are sad.

It all makes sense.  And thankfully, I am waking up to the generosity of people around me, crystal clear that their happiness matters to me.  And whether or not I succeed at making it happen, I know where my intention is… I could see how I sidetracked from the path and became all about me and my personal needs.  It is such a relief to wake up and be about people again.  Have a call with the customer service center and appreciate someone is on another line resolving my issue, understanding that more other people succeed, more chance I will have to succeed at what matters to me.  Letting go of envy, comparing, putting others down.  Leaving people with an experience that makes a difference in remaining ours of their day or days of their week.

No…I am not an idealist.  I am just waking up, yet again, to the oneness of our existence.

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