About death and dying…

I watched the Dark Knight last night and Heath Ledger’s stunning performance in it.  Although the film overall made my stomach flip, I have completely appreciated Heath’s acting.  His posthumous nomination for an Oscar, announced exactly a year after his death and then deserved and granted award, made me really sad.  I listened to his parents receive an Oscar on his behalf, without drama, without making it about them, completely honoring their son and the legacy he left behind.  Uncanny.

It just made me think about death, which I have been thinking a lot about lately, feeling completely uncomfortable and  powerless.  I feel I have so much opinion as to who should live longer and who doesn’t deserve to live at all, yet, I notice I am not much consulted on the subject, regardless of how fair I think I would actually be in making those choices.  And at the end, I feel as human beings, we ought to truly support one another…There is not true fairness out there.  We really never know what is behind the next corner, the next milestone we are facing.  I don’t know about others, but for me, thinking this through prevents me from always rushing somewhere new, from being ungrateful and always wanting something different, something new and something I don’t have….

Just saying… This afternoon, I appreciated life so much more and I softly said a prayer for all the people I love, that they be happy and that they have fulfillment and love in their lives… 

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