Rose quartz ducks

Yesterday on my way home from yoga, I had a thought, perhaps I need to take a job in New York and support myself and my husband in creating more cash to pay the bills and get out of the “rat race” (in a CASHFLOW game, rat race is a name they give to life that consists of making money to pay bills and survive).

I didn’t like the idea.  I love being close to my husband and unlike some people who love a lot of space in their relationships, I love being close to my man and creating life with him. Needless to say, I didn’t like what I came up with, but thought it may be the only way.  The mere thought of traveling back and forth New York – Montreal was making me sweat.  So, when I got home, as I was doing something at my desk (a kitchen table in my case), I heard something breaking in the bedroom.  My husband comes out and shows me the 2 rose quartz ducks broken from their leaf stand.

Being hormonal these days anyway, I began to panic and cry.  I couldn’t stop despite it’s irrationality.  Because of nothing other than a pure superstition, I began to think we will have to separate.  In a moment of my terror, my husband was looking me completely in shock that something like two little ducks unglued would make me so miserable.  He almost got mad at me until I was able to explain what that represented, my thoughts on the metro on my way home and the belief that little ducks represented him and me….

He let me dive into his arms and I began to feel better.  Later, I checked what people say about breaking this stone that represents self esteem and love in relationships, and I liked the interpretation in which they say they breaking of the stone is not bad luck. It reads, on contrary, when stone breaks, it means, there was a challenge and the stone absorbed it on our behalf…. The advice is to wash the ducks with sea salt water and keep it at home.

Later when I spoke to mom and share the event, she said, let go of the ducks, be good to each other.  And I really got it… Perhaps the stones we keep mean something to us.  For sure this little pair of rose quartz ducks meant so much to me, especially when I was alone and wanting so badly to be in juicy partnership, but the human being in front of me means so much more.  And the stone has taught me that yesterday.

Do you follow any superstitious belief?  Please share…

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