Awakening the divine within

I remember an old friend of mine saying to me, a propos my view of art and the way I was creating it, that I see things so deeply from my own view that on one hand, it’s not universal enough, but on another, it’s so deep that it’s value was mostly coming from that.  In other words, he saw some lights in my selfish ways.

In some ways, I just didn’t know how else to create, paint or write, but to do so from my own belief system, from the core of what I truly passionately believed in.  And I think that is how began searching for answers deep within, analyzing myself and my actions, trying to really get and understand what I was made of, etc… I was intrigued by all the disciplines that had anything to do with self development, energies, healing, empowerment etc.  But mostly, I was my own experimenting rat….

Some time ago, don’t know exactly when, I began to get that my inner gut feeling, things I so deeply believed in was the most accurate truth I could find.  I began to listen to it more and more.  I started to tune into what the Universe wanted or expected of me, by searching for the Universe within.

I was looking at how conversations travel…How, I’d talk about something today and then would hear it on TV the next day… Miracles are everywhere.  But the most profound miracle I discovered was the miracle of being a woman.

When we deeply listen to our voice within, we can truly know the truth.  Sometimes, we are just too busy wanting to make something work or happen (a completely masculine trait) that we loose connection to the very essence of what we are made of: instincts, emotions and love… and truly, the less we are afraid of how hysterical, senseless and bitchy we can be sometimes, the more we get to be with the divine….

Perhaps my writing is clumsy….I will continue to share as even what I want to say, I know, wants to find its expression in writing…

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