Syncing in with the moon….

Turning in inward, has me present.  One of the most powerful sources for me is the source of my own feminine energy.  The cycles we go through, as women, the expression of those changes through our moods, the confusing force we can be in the world for ourselves and others, are all the expression of the feminine divine…It is so completely mysterious and divine.  Tuning into it has me experience my own personal wisdom and I cannot but listen keenly for the messages that my higher self, the Universe within is sending to me.

We are about to enter the Dark Moon phase.  I can notice that for the past couple of days, all I was really noticing was everything that doesn’t work about how I am and what I do…I was unlocking my darkest corners…So far, my personal cycle is not completely, but almost, synced with the time of the moon…So I have entered the time of rest, the time of self reflection and the time of shredding my skin off…..Looking forward to renewal as the Moon is waxing and my feminine is awaking.

I have been ignoring these signs in the past… I have been squashing my own power for the fake signs of power, from learning the masculines ways of succeeding in this world to completely ignoring my own intuition and what really felt right…Yes “feeling”, the word that doesn’t even have a good reputation with some people who achieved success…But I choose to listen to it..I choose to nurture my own inner guide and walk that path to sync in with the Moon.

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