Breaking the Arrow…

I spent a weekend with Canadians and must say, they were kind.  I guess when people meet for the purpose bigger than themselves, they get to be better than they are.  I am not saying Canadians are bad, only that I had a few not so great experiences.

Since I took a little hiatus from being a social butterfly in the past few months, it was amazing to see that my social skills didn’t disappear.  I was clear that people didn’t listen necessarily to what I was saying, but to how I was saying it.  Energy…that famous thing that we are made of.  More than ever before, I got crystal clear that I was on the right path.  I kept allowing myself to get in a game, listen as if I didn’t know anything to discover myself over and over again.  I was willing to see what was possible beyond my fears, beyond my judgments and concerns.  And when I got hold of that bright image of the future, something clicked, the arrow broke.

I did an exercise that was symbolizing breaking through something I feared that stopped me in life.  Little did I know was that the thing I said I was afraid of was not what I was actually afraid of.  I was afraid of “going for it”….I wasn’t unwilling to go for it…I was just reluctant to push as hard as I needed to push to get the “going for it” going.  Do I make sense?

My whole life altered.  Since the weekend, I could see every single moment when I was hesitant to take action.  I could catch a thought.  I could digest it, think it through and then choose.  In less then a week, my husband’s and mine financial future altered forever.  I could get, the only reason I wasn’t having everything I wanted was because I wasn’t going for it.  Even worse, I didn’t know that I wasn’t going for it.  It was in a blind spot of my mind.

And I am not sure why I am blogging about money.  In fact, during the weekend as I was dealing with whatever I needed to deal with to come on another side and “break the arrow,” my heart was tense and kind of closed.  I am beginning to see that having your heart open to love and being open to abundance in your life is one and the same.  At least it was for me.  More to come….

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