I wanted to say that you will understand me, if you are a woman.  However, I will leave my assumptions aside and own up to my own experience of overwhelm and overflow of emotions.  I know that looking from outside, it can seem like I am just taking a day to play a victim.  But it doesn’t resonate with me that what I am feeling has anything to do with anything negative whatsoever.  It is just intense.

I think that experiencing loss and then watching six feet under series can really take a person off their track in a nano second.  Combined with moon cycle, summer disappearing on us and plain being in a new environment is enough to have one go crazy.  Given all that, and the discomfort that I feel, I am still choosing to allow myself to find my way out, to find a fresh breath in this cloudy day.

Vulnerable to my own experience of loss, I have been able to discover things that were hidden from me.  After all the work I did with energy (as a Reiki Master and alike), I could feel that there is something to push through, to alter and heal.  Since I discovered this, I could recall days in my childhood when I would say something that was seemingly completely out of place.  Right now, I know I was describing some past emotion, perhaps even karmic that I intuitively accessed but could never make sense of.  It’s finally all coming together now.

At the moment, I am in a whirlwind, but I know it won’t last.  So, I am not terrified.  Uncomfortable? extremely.  Yet, I know that the only way out is through.  Am going to take some time taking care of my body, enjoying vegan nutrition, meditating, offering Reiki and clearing my own energy chakras, writing and just allowing myself to be.  There are pieces of myself I have never accepted.  I am allowing those to come up so I can know them and love them for what they are.  Do you have things about yourself you still haven’t made peace with? when will you do it?  Please share with me your journey


  1. I also feel that I am in a whirlwind. In the midst of chaos, I remind myself, “Time is your friend.” When the parts of me that so clearly need to be changed rear their ugly head, I also remind myself “Time is your friend,” and try to realize that being willing to take the journey is a step in the right direction.


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