The value I want to provide for you

I originally started writing the blog to help people, especially women, deal with a broken heart.  Shortly after, I created a relationship of my dreams, then got engaged and married, and being broken was a thing of the past.  Mind you, how I dealt with it allowed me to have a relationship I now have, however, I was beginning to forget what it felt like.

Then, my grandma died and my heart was broken again.  And this time, it was almost harder, because my relationship with grandma was empowering, loving and healing.  So I had an opportunity to apply my wisdom of how to deal with broken heart yet again.  What I found out is, these techniques I used in the past worked and were applicable in any situation.

I decided to go back to my original idea and help you deal with having your heart broken.  I will write daily tips and suggestions that will help you in coping with sadness, loss and being alone.  And if you have a particular question, or think your situation is unique, you can write to me or leave a comment and I will write about that.

Lastly, why I think I am an expert is because I am by nature stubborn. And when I dealt with these situations in my past, I kept looking to find a way out.  I used different techniques, tools, schools of thought and noticed that some things always worked and some things never did.  I also coached many many people out of hard situations which is what had me think that I should be contributing this to the world.  I hope you find it useful and if you have suggestions and requests, please send them my way.

With love,


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