How deep is your love?

Here is my first tip…

I believe that we can all find love.  I believe that being connected to another soul is available to all of us.  I believe it’s possible. And, I believe that the way to accomplish that is create space in which love can occur.

I know, for me, many times I fell in love, it felt like it was going to be forever. Meeting someone and having my heart excited had me see a possibility at the beginning.  Every single time, as days went by, I could see more distance than connections.  Given my female nature, I would adjust fast and create myself as someone who really can create connection with these men.  It is only in retrospect that I could see it as a mistake.  But every single time, deep inside, I knew it wasn’t true.  And the best indicator for that was my own experience, my own fear, my own feeling.

If you are seeking love, you are your most accurate instrument to finding the truth.  Do everything to experience what is deep within, the gut feeling, the heart’s voice.  You can mediate on it, you can paint or freewrite, but do it before you make big promises and throw around worlds of ‘forevers’ and ‘always’ as those words will later just stand in a way of recognizing true seeds of the love that can last.  Don’t be afraid to seek the truth and say NO if what you see isn’t not “it”.

Ask yourself, in truth, “how deep is your love”

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