Who are you to yourself?

The most common mistake a woman makes is trying to create who she is in the eyes of her men or potential partner.

However, the most difficult, but the most rewarding and effective way to create who we are and have it “stick” is to do it with ourselves.  If you love who you are, people around you will love you too.  And if the man you like doesn’t respond to that, he is not the one for you.

How do you do this? Do mirror work.  Take a moment every day to look at yourself in a mirror and start falling in love with your eyes, with your face, with your curves.  First observe, but then express your love for yourself until it flows and its real.

WRITE – Start your journal where you celebrate all your achievements no matter how little or big they are.  Share in your writings who you are and what you love about yourself.

Notice how the world around you responds.  Do not react to the world, have the world react to you.

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