It is possible for you

I remember a while back, in dealing with a breakup, a friend of mine told me: “you don’t even think a real love is possible for you, do you?” And for the first time, I actually felt that happiness of that sort was such a distant fantasy, probably not to come true in this life time.

I made it my job to work on believing that the miracle can happen for me.  In fact, I realized, too obsessed with other people’s love stories, I didn’t pay attention to what mine can look like.  In trying to copy others, I was getting further and further from knowing what I wanted love to feel like.

No 1 rule: BELIEVE it’s possible for you to be with a partner of your dreams. Don’t focus on what he would look like, work on removing DOUBTS to that he is out there.

No 2 rule: Don’t COMPARE yourself to other people.  You are not them and they are not you. You never know what happens behind the closed doors.  Some people really have beautiful relationship, some people are just trained to be polite in public.  Be careful what you wish for.  I would never trade places with some of the couples I used to look up to.  In fact, I used to think their love stories was the best one ever… until… Until I had my own… CREATE your own LOVE story

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