Who do you listen to?

I have coached numerous women in the past years with a very high satisfaction rate.  One of the things I dealt with before last year when I created a relationship of my dreams and met the man of my life is: who am I to tell someone how to be about their relationship?

Even though I was mostly single in my life, given my life path, I have always yearned and wanted to make and have an amazing relationship.  I have listened keenly to what men were saying about us, and I have been a shoulder to a lot of women.  I studied film and psychology and have learned so much through studying Reiki and developing my coaching skills.  I read everything by known relationship gurus out there, so even before I was in a relationship that was 100% fulfilling for me, I was able to believe I would have it – that it was just a matter of time.

I say this because commonly my friends who are single tell me that the advice I give them differs from the advice they are given by single women.  Namely, “if he doesn’t call, drop him,” and “he should really do this, or be this way” are comments that may theoretically be well-intentioned but are typical of women who live from expectations as opposed to from their gut feeling.

How do you know who to listen to and what to do?  Spend time in silence.  Listen to your own guts.  Even if you make a mistake this time around, it may be a mistake worth making.  Sometimes, even if we loose, we need to know that we have gone all the way.  Honor that.  Remember, everything you do is getting you closer to what you say you are committed to.  Don’t live in an expectation.  Be out there, listen to your heart and take steps accordingly.  At the end of the day, that will give you strength and a sense of completion.  

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