No Tolerance

It’s almost the end of the year, time to reflect, acknowledge what we achieved, close chapters, forgive the unaccomplished… I think that how we spend our holidays has a lot to do with how we relate to what we DID or DIDN’T do throughout the year.  So, for those of you who made big strides, holiday dinner will be an amazing opportunity to share that with your family and friends. Some of you, however, will have to deal with that joining weight watchers didn’t really make a difference, or that you are still coming alone to your family get together.

No matter where you are in the spectrum, take some time to acknowledge it. Keeping things to yourself or avoiding dealing with them will for sure set you for another year of trying to prove something you didn’t do or working on top of already disempowering context about yourself and your life.  You don’t have to share with others if that is not comfortable, but write it down for yourself so you can actually see it (there is no such thing as keeping things on your mind, it is not very organized up there).

Look at ALL the things that matter to.  Write everything out, perhaps even separate them in the ACCOMPLISHED and DIDN’T YET DO columns. Then, pick ONE thing that you can do before the end of the year.  If you are committed to loosing weight, perhaps you can do a cleanse for a week.  If you want to be in a relationship, perhaps you can go on 5 dates.  Do not commit to the result, commit to the ACTION to take inside of producing result you already promised to produce.  And when you pick your ONE thing, GO FOR IT.  Create a NO TOLERANCE zone, no slimming out, no backing out, no finding excuses, no selling out. GO DO IT like your life depends on it.  I promise you, if you push through and do as you said, you will have a whole different experience of this holiday.  You will be proud of who you are that you didn’t give up,  You will relate to yourself as someone who was willing and in action and you will most likely produce some result and have a completely different experience of the new year.  At the end, you will transform that conversation of: “darn, here goes another year and I am still not (FILL IN THE BLANK)”

Reach out if you need support, post a comment about what that ONE THING is, as there is more chances to get it done when it’s declared in reality, and be unstoppable!!!!!


  1. Great Post Maria! For months’ I’ve been wanting to be able to ride my bike more … well! I’ve settled into my new space that is smack dab in the middle of Savannah which is one awesome town to bike in! Yesterday was the 1st time I rode to the Historic District which in my “MIND” seemed so far away … it was such a good ride! NOW … I want to ride my bike all of the time whenever I have to do something within the “town limits” — It sounds easy on one hand because that’s what I did in NYC. However, as we all know, its so quick to go in the car!

    I have the time! I love the way my body feels when I’m riding! No gas is being used when I bike, yay!

    Thanks for the inspiring quote ” GO FOR IT. Create a NO TOLERANCE zone, no slimming out, no backing out, no finding excuses, no selling out. GO DO IT like your life depends on it.

    I’m also committing to drink more WATER! magic passion love U!


  2. Love this! It’s so perfect to actually bid farewell to 2012 with an accomplishment. I will be fulfilling a dream of mine for New Year’s attending a conference and meeting people to further CompassioNYC to have NYC be an official Candidate Compassionate City in keeping with the Charter for Compassion! WOO HOO! Next? ….


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