Listen to you heart but don’t explain

Sometimes I have the hardest time explaining to my husband why I think something is or isn’t right.  That in itself is not bad, what is bad and weird is when I am on a roll to explain why I think the way I think. I have noticed, numerous times, that he totally checks out and completely doesn’t get what the heck I am talking about.  However, over time, I have proven to him that my suspicions were right so he learned to listen to me even though my explanations don’t make sense to him – the result always did.  Then I realized, somehow I am in tune with the universe, yet, my humanity gets in a way and my explaining it is often shadowed by my ego and just linear way of thinking and therefore not giving justice to the actual connection.  

I have a friend who’s been dealing with feeling under the weather for a while now and it’s not until she actually went for a check up that she realized, and then told me, that the source of her feeling crappy was not her lack of willingness, but an actual physical issue she was dealing with, but didn’t know.  This taught me one thing:  when your heart speaks to you, tune in and LISTEN.  Don’t try to explain, but rather, ask questions and seek answers.  Keep asking and wondering until you are at peace, because everything that is in a way of perfect peace and balance and unconditional love is the sign of something being OFF.  Don’t jump to conclusions, do your research, otherwise, you will mess with your confidence, loose credibility as you are bound to be wrong with your initial conclusions and you will stop listening to your heart.  

Have an awesome holiday and do what feels right 🙂


  1. This is very wise advice. I agree that sometimes I over think only to justify my rational mind.
    Listening to the heart does offer balance. Cheers!


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