Remember to empty…

Before you create your New Year’s resolution, take some time to acknowledge everything you’ve been creating in the past.  Creating NEW on top of having created something numerous times without actually accomplishing it, will predictably not work.  What needs to happen before creation is the action of “emptying out.”  What does that mean???

Emptying out means, taking time to look and reflect on what happened that got in a way of your goals being realized.  Perhaps it was some unpredictable circumstance, but perhaps it was only your way of being and giving up without a fight.  Take a moment and reflect on this because every moment you spend on “reflecting” and “cleaning up” with actually speed up your effectiveness in a year to come. For the most part, we are not lacking creation, we are lacking “reflection,” and state of “letting go” that creates space for something new to occur.

Note: letting go does not mean to let go of the goals you set, but of things and habits that got in a way of your goals being accomplished (example: watching TV, sleeping in, feeling unworthy, not wanting to bother anyone, etc)

That is all!  Wishing you the best year yet!!! Feel free to post what is the thing you are promising to – no kidding – accomplish this year and what are the old habits or ways of being you are willing to let go of to support your goals being realized.  I wish you the best of luck!!!

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