Ready, Set, Go, Go, GO!!!

Hello out there!!!

Besides having gained a few pounds, pushing through to meet final deadlines in 2012, postponing everything that matters to “the next year,” we have also made some solid declarations for 2013.

Notice, it’s January 4th and some of the holiday enthusiasm could be beginning to wear off. If it’s not, GREAT! but if it is, notice it and shake it off! It is crucial that we start at 100% and then build from there.  We will surprise your own self with what we are capable off.  So, let’s start BIG and stay BIG.  It’s like with running…just when we think we are beginning to get out of breath, if we keep up or even increase our speed, we actually manage and cause a state shift.  That’s what I am talking about.  STATE SHIFT!  This is our time to cause it.

Believe me, it will take a lot of energy to maintain the good spirit and keep riding the wave if we don’t create structures that support us with it. Let’s start making a relationship between what we want to achieve and our daily calendar, as without that, we can probably kiss our achievement good bye.  Sure, we all get lucky sometimes, miracles do happen, but I strongly believe that our power comes from doing the work!  And, we already know what work you need to do, but the knowing in your mind hasn’t yet been translated to our calendar…Let’s make that connection and watch our dreams unfold right before our eyes.  Let’s make this 2013 magical!!!