“When you’ve said all of the bad things and all of the good things you haven’t been saying, you will find that what you’ve really been withholding is, “I love you.” You don’t have to go looking for love when it is where you come from.”  -Werner Erhard

It does sound like it should be awfully easy to be in a relationship if LOVE can be created this way.  Mind you, LOVE is created in communication, much like Erhard quoted above, but to be in a relationship, the necessary ingredient is commitment.  I see way too many women (and men) struggling to make a relationship work where there is no actual commitment on the side of their partner.  This always begins with small disagreements, then  nagging, then slight to chronic dissatisfaction and then we become victims of those relationships that are bound to end at some point…

Instead, why don’t we just acknowledge love that is there and keep looking for the actual commitment.  When someone commits to loving us, the whole new world opens up and life is never the same.  Without that, love is just a space.  Without commitment, love is not going to carry the day….So, if you are struggling, but are clear you are in a relationship where there is no commitment, cut it loose.  Create love and move on to find what you are looking for.

It is when I decided that my life was going to be worth something even if I remained single forever that relationship and a real commitment was possible for me.  It is when I committed to myself that my now husband was able to commit to me.  Start with yourself 🙂

Happy Valentines and share your story, get support from a friend or a coach…don’t dwell on it on your own.  Every minute counts!!!


  1. This is a fantastic post, Marija. First, of course, I love the quote. “You don’t have to go looking for love when it’s where you come from.” Then, there’s your inspiring statement that “I decided that my life was going to be worth something even if I remained single forever.” BRAVA! My commitment precisely. Much love and gratitude to you. xo


  2. Thank you for this beautful blog, this is the perfect reminder of how committed I am to the relationship I am in with myself, my husband and our relationship together. I got that I am not willing to walk away from me ( I can walk away from the negative conversations I have about myself in my head, lol)- Keep the blogs coming! Great Value!


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