Living in the unknown

I realized something in the past couple of days: my dreams have been coming true one after another.  To some people who I shared them with, it all seems miraculous and they think I have been just very, very lucky.  Some other friends, however, know very well where I was 6, 7 or 10 years ago and they can fully appreciate the willingness, persistence and hard work put into it.  I am not saying I didn’t find angels along the way, nor that the God didn’t add his charming seasoning to my life, but the truth be told: I have done a lot of it on my own even if that only meant that I asked the right questions, made right requests or turned to the right people for support.

So, here I am now… Resident of the United States of America, a dream that took 13 years to realize….Married to an amazing husband, a dream I’ve been dreaming of for at least 6 years…. Pregnant with our first child, a dream I had for at least 4 years… Working from home and making my own schedule, a dream I had for over 18 years, basically since I got my first job… and alike…

I notice, the time and experience had made me clearer in my communications, faster in my judgement, laser about what I want.  And I have gotten to the point where I am looking for how to simplify it all.  The story of success is often a lonely one.  I don’t mean that there are no people on the path, but that the people don’t always stay on the same path.  For someone who moved countries 3 times, I can tell you, it takes EVERYTHING to keep up with friendships across the border. I am not saying the friendships won’t last, I am saying, it is not the same as having a friend right by your side.  And that is one thing I am missing.  Here I am, taking a little rest before my next training call and thinking, it would be so nice to have a shoulder to cry on.  I have nothing bad to cry about, I have nothing to complain.  There is just something emotional, and perhaps hormonal, overwhelming my spirit and I would like to let the tears go…And I would like a giant, quiet, non-judgmental hug.  

I am scared of the UNKNOWN.  I have never carried a child before, given birth, and even though I moved before, I never quite started it all over again like I am about to do in less than a month time.  I am NOT stopped… and I acknowledge that living RADICALLY, with butterflies, sometimes asks being heard and hugged.  

Is there anything NEW you are dealing with in your life that you feel being heard, gotten and understood would make a difference with?  Please share… my tears dried out as I poured these words into this blog for you to get: we are all human, and that you are not alone.



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