Back to basics…

Ever have a day when you feel like you are in a swirl? Something that looks like this:

Well, I definitely have.  It had me think: how do I get back to that experience of vibrant energy within, being powerful and in the moment? And it’s interesting how many times I come up with a very complicated answer to a very simple question (as asked above).  It’s almost like my whole body is reacting to the fact that it just cannot be all that simple.  The joke is: it is!

When you are in a swirl, what there is to do is, first GET/SEE/ACKNOWLEDGE that you are in a swirl.  And then, just go back to basics.  IN meditation, that would look like going back to observing your breath.  In life, it may look like looking at what is important to you and making sure you do what is important to you.  The trick is only knowing what your BASICS are… As a coach, I just look back at the core distinctions (which I will keep secret for those of you are that are not clients…hahaha).  But, it really is that simple:  go back to basics! The trick is only in knowing what your basics are.  Once you master basics, you can expand.  

Have an awesome night and weekend!!!!

Thinking of life…

I am feeling mixed emotions lately. Sure, you can blame it on the pregnancy but it’s not all hormones, I can guarantee you.  In fact, I’d like to address how some people are in regards to women when they are pregnant and their mood swings (and perhaps not only when they are pregnant).  I want to share that knowing that there is a human being within my body is the most miraculous experience I could imagine having.  Yesterday was exactly 20 weeks that I am expecting – the middle of the pregnancy and in the past days both my husband and I have experienced some most gratifying baby kicking.  I have accomplished much in my life and I can tell you, very little compares to the miracle of life we are able to give.

Something that I could not so clearly see before, as someone with ‘out of this world’ ambition to succeed and be the best in everything, is that the simple joys of life are, at the end of the day, what fulfills us the most.  And, you’d never hear me say to give up competition, playing big and achieving enormous heights.  I won’t say that as I don’t believe we should have to choose between that life and the life of a wife and a mother.  However, there is something about being a wife and a mother that is so deeply fulfilling that I can never again imagine the life without it.  So, you guessed it right: it’s about having it all.

But to address what I promised to address:  I noticed, and somewhat from my own experience, that most people are not really aware of what it’s like to be expecting a baby.  I don’t think anyone who isn’t a mother, truly gets the ups and downs and everything in between as well as the pure miracle of what is actually happening within our bodies, how much the hormones change and how much development there is within a day and even an hour sometimes.  It takes something to be the vehicle for all of that, to be able to be and create life and have something within you be so unbelievably powerful in taking all your energy, nutrients and alike.  So, I request, give women a break! And not because we can’t handle life, nor because we are weak or unable to handle ourselves.  Give us a break because you ought to stand mesmerized in the face of what we are creating and you should not let us have to create it alone.

I am a blessed soul to have a husband and partner in life who is understanding and committed to understanding.  He is way ahead of me reading about all that my body is going through such that he can support me in the process.  Without him, there would be no baby and without him, I can’t imagine what it would take to do this.  So I ask the men out there to support their ladies and to honor the miracle of life.  It is truly a miracle and while I used to think that some people just gave up on their life goals and decided to have many babies (and I do believe there is some of that), I take back my judgement that having a child is easy.

Lastly, my message to people is: be great!!!! At the end of the day, if you just allow people to be just the way they are, you may easily hear some of what I am pointing to.  It will help reduce our judgments and allow us to see that we are all one, extremely connected, and extremely vulnerable.



My grandma would be 78 this month.  She left this earth last year in July.  This was, by far, the biggest loss I have ever experienced in my entire life.  And sure, over time, I accepted the fact and stopped consistently crying at the injustice that she would be gone so early, but it’s been such a missing for me in the past couple of months.  

I have been dreaming of her every night since before my move to Florida.  I’d enjoy the ride through the Sunshine with my husband and I would look at the sky and just so completely miss her.  Perhaps that is the reason that she has been living in my dreams.  I guess, since I got pregnant, I sleep more and I have more dreams than usual.  And for the past few weeks I have consistently dreamed of grandma being alive and with me, assuring me that she will keep on living while I am haunted by my fear that she would die.

I wonder if there was anything left unsaid.  I simply can’t see it.  She knew everything there was there to know for as long as she was with us.  I was hoping to see her one more time but I waited too long for her to be able to wait for me.  

I don’t have an advice in this blog.  I simply wanted to offer compassion to all of you who are dealing with a loss and let you know that I understand.  There is no day that went by that I didn’t acknowledge that I miss my grandma… I am grateful that she’s been with me for over 30 years and that I got a chance to get to know her better than my cousins.  I find that to be a blessing.  And I still miss her and hope she can hear me when I talk to her at night and that she can read the letters that I keep on writing to her.  

I love you grandma…. I hope your spirit hears me and knows how much you are loved 🙂