Back to basics…

Ever have a day when you feel like you are in a swirl? Something that looks like this:

Well, I definitely have.  It had me think: how do I get back to that experience of vibrant energy within, being powerful and in the moment? And it’s interesting how many times I come up with a very complicated answer to a very simple question (as asked above).  It’s almost like my whole body is reacting to the fact that it just cannot be all that simple.  The joke is: it is!

When you are in a swirl, what there is to do is, first GET/SEE/ACKNOWLEDGE that you are in a swirl.  And then, just go back to basics.  IN meditation, that would look like going back to observing your breath.  In life, it may look like looking at what is important to you and making sure you do what is important to you.  The trick is only knowing what your BASICS are… As a coach, I just look back at the core distinctions (which I will keep secret for those of you are that are not clients…hahaha).  But, it really is that simple:  go back to basics! The trick is only in knowing what your basics are.  Once you master basics, you can expand.  

Have an awesome night and weekend!!!!

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