New York, New York

After almost full 2 years I am back in New York to stay for a while.  This has been one of the most magical journeys in my life.

I fell in love with New York a very long time ago…and probably long before I ever even tasted what a life here would be like.  I came as a teenager and grew up in neighborhoods of the city consistently searching for happiness and love.

About 2 years ago, I realized, as much as I loved New York, my life was meant to be about creating and providing Love, Freedom and Peace (still words engraved in my first ipod).  Sure, those words sound so general and I know that they are so cheaply overused today.  None the less, I wanted exactly what those words represented.

And, as much as I was absolutely clear that I was living in the best city in the world, I knew that I wanted to leave.  Namely, I was willing to give up living here to have the experience of freedom I yearned for … And so I did.  I went back to Europe, risked my being able to come back and there, I  won my fight to become a resident of USA.  Upon my return, it felt like I landed here for the first time, although years ago when I did summer solstice yoga in Times Square, I claimed my place right here on Times Square

Given the freedom now to travel back and forth, I was able to spend more time in Montreal visiting the man of my dreams.  In creating our future together, it became clear that for what we were creating, it was the best that I give up living in New York once again such that I can create my own business and be with my man.  Then we got engaged and we went forth with the plan, and I left my New York once again.

And here I am…after more than a year of traveling back and forth  to Montreal, and also Montenegro, Florida, Las Vegas and alike, ..back to MY New York.  I am here with my husband and with our unborn baby boy to take another long and deep fresh breath of my New York.

You may wonder by now why I love it so much… I think in growing up as well as in my own personal training and development, I feel New York was the only place that offered unlimited possibilities and was truly able to hold and match up the wildest dreams of someone who isn’t even truly from here.  It’s the place where I never felt like a stranger and I never felt alone.  it’s the place where lot’s of new things are being created and where ordinary people do extraordinary things.  You can meet the best of the best and people are not segregated as they often are in some cities of our world.  Things are available, things are possible, people are amazing (although often also limited by their own little bubble, probably created to be able to deal with the vastness of what this city provides).

It is then only natural that my path led me back here, to embrace and take a breath of New York yet another time.  To allow me to break through the next barrier in my way and provide my family and people I am surrounded by with a particular edge that I think I have only when truly able to experience the infinity of what it is to live in the unlimited world.

I am blessed and honored to be here, creating newly not reliving the old.  Embracing the energies that come from all the different corners of this world and allowing them to take me to the further heights.  Experiencing total freedom, love and peace within and around.  Thank you New York and everyone that makes you what you are 🙂