Work and Working

I have been thinking about this for a while given numerous conversations I had at home, work and with friends.  In sharing what I do inside of my three businesses, often times in justifying why they would never do that, people would tell me that I am working too much or my work is not fairly rewarded etc etc.

Also, in talking to many people around me, I can see the resistance when something occurs as work or takes something to accomplish.  It’s almost like most people are ready to give up the moment they see that getting to their final destination is not a one time thing but rather a process that can be lengthy and would require something on their part: time, effort, discipline, thinking, making right choices, adjusting etc.

It made me laugh the other day when I was contributing to someone in the area of building coaching business and was cut off by a firm: “yes, that’s great but I want to leverage my time.”  I was holding myself back from saying: “LEVERAGE WHAT???? leverage zero clients you now have and zero money that comes your way from coaching those clients and further more, not even thinking of who you need to be and what you need to keep on training yourself in to be able to truly produce results with those clients”…. but I let it go.  I realized, some people will read self help books like “The Secret” or “4 hour work week” or alike and then completely misunderstand that no matter what we want to accomplish in life, it will take some effort, some work on our part to get to our goals.

Perhaps what needs to happen is to redefine the word “work” and create a more empowering relationship to it, but I haven’t met any successful people who are sitting back and meditating about their success, waiting for it to come to them, giving up and being plain lazy.  In fact, when I interviewed people who were wealthy and have the kind of life I always wanted to have (not just money wise, but generally), the one common factor was that they all had really good work ethics.  They were disciplined and they honored their time and their money.  They were not wasteful.  They were intentional.  And lastly, they loved what they do such that it truly didn’t occur as work.  But if you look from the outside, as I did, what they did was work.

There… maybe not a post everyone wanted to read.  I love being in a world of “possibilities” and truly believe in being a positive thinker and seeing the gold in everything, but there is not one thing I can see that got accomplished that didn’t take both the great intention, focus and discipline, and on another, WORK, effort and continual moving forward.

What is the relationship you have to “work” and “working.”  I would love to read what you have to say, so please contribute to me with your thoughts on the subject.

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