Guided by Angels

I have received my first Angel Cards this Christmas from my amazing husband.  I have wanted to have them more than 4 years ago when my friend Ida used to generously share her deck with me.  In fact, Ida and I would use the cards occasionally to be guided for some of the most important questions in our lives.  For me those were about getting my green card and being free, meeting the love of my life, wondering about my career path, etc…pretty major stuff for me at the time.

You may wonder, if I wanted the cards so badly, why didn’t I ever buy them for myself.  It’s not like I couldn’t afford a deck of cards that ranges from $15-50 on Amazon. The reasons I haven’t picked the cards ever before are the same reasons that often stopped me in living my life to the fullest: indecisiveness (which kind to pick from a few that seemed really interesting and appealing) and, not owning what I want but doing what I should want. The first reason is obvious and is a clear barrier to having anything in life, yet I do believe that, in my case, it has only stopped me because there was a real gap between what I really wanted and what I thought I should have wanted.  Not owning my desires had me, by default, get things that didn’t make me happy or somehow left me unfulfilled.

So this holiday season I celebrate one of my gifts as it is not only something I like (and I don’t have to back it up by million reasons as to why I really like it), but it’s a celebration of my personal confidence being taken to another level where I can stand up for what I desire without having to justify it.  I am so completely grateful to my husband for always looking at ways to make me happy and letting me learn from them how to do so myself. Thank you for being my angel here on Earth

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