Let go and let love

We have all experienced a heart break at least once in our lives.  By the time I was 30, I was an expert in being heartbroken.  And not only that, each failed relationship was feeding into my fear that I was not enough and that true love will never really knock on my door. I think everything I did since I became an adult was geared towards learning how to find and keep a guy.  I knew I was smart enough to succeed in other things, but the matters of heart – that I felt I had no control over. As someone who suffered from an eating disorder for a good chunk of my 20s, I knew what it felt like to be addicted to something.  And the power that had me to stop ED was the power that had me find love.

Now, I don’t believe that we can control when love will happen – that is in the hands of Higher Power, but I do believe that we can, and are responsible, to create a clear and pristine space for it, so that it can show up for us.  In the clear and pristine space, LOVE does show up.

I know some of you have done personal development work.  I applaud that.  And, for what I am about to say, I think that such work can be more of an obstacle than support.  In fact, it is that we keep on thinking that there is something for us to “work on” that has us stuck in the same old pattern of “not enough”.  We can’t be both: complete and in need of more therapy/transformation. As a coach, I make sure my clients never feel inadequate, but rather see our work together as their consistent evolving inside of a committed, clean, powerful, safe and loving space.  I don’t have my clients feel like there is something to fix, something many of the programs, therapies, works out there are based on.  For as long as we think we need to fix our relationship with our parents, for example, we aren’t really focused or present to the prince charming that may be right in front of us – mistake number 1.

The mistake number 2 is that we hold on to our past like it’s real.  Our urge to love and find love has us hold on to people and memories where we at least somewhat felt like our feelings were reciprocated.  And instead of letting go of all past relationships that did’t serve us, we mess up more in order to cope with what’s already messed up.  When I had an ED, I binged to cope with my urge to binge.  Other words, only when I binged did I relieve the anxiety that I was feeling when I felt the urge to binge.  It is only when I realized that the voice telling me to binge was not REAL ME, that I was able to silence the voice and take actions that I wanted to take: anything from being with people, actually answering my phone, making a difference in the world and alike. It is when I observed the voice in my head, without thinking I needed therapy, to journal my emotions, to read more books on the subject and give my power away, that I was able to see that the voice in my head did not have power over my actions.  In fact, more I recognized that voice as NOT ME, more silent the voice became.

So, please ladies, do not cling to the past relationships that don’t serve you, don’t send more emails so that you can get a different response, or send that last text thinking something will change.  Your urge to do these things is coming from the voice that isn’t YOU and the relief from that anxiety to say something is only temporary and making things worse in a long run.  The voice that tells you to do so is not who YOU are.  YOU can hear it and dismiss it and then do what works: move on, go out on a date with a new guy, or go visit a friend.  When you keep falling back into the same pattern, you perpetuate addiction and the space stays cluttered.  Love only comes into the clear and pristine space.  So, let go and let love.

Decluttering, clearing, letting go

I had this huge revelation in working with my clients in the past weeks… Almost every time something isn’t working, the first place I see as a barrier to it, is the place where there is too much of something, clutter, solid thinking and past attachments.  So, I would naturally share some of my tools in how to declutter the space around them, clear the stuff that is no longer working for them and let go of everything that isn’t who and how they want to be in the future or even right now in the PRESENT.

I realized that all of my life successes, from the smallest wins to the biggest achievements were created from NOTHING, in a space that wasn’t already crowded by old ideas, things I didn’t need or thoughts that no longer served me.

When it comes to decluttering, physical space is not the only thing do clear, but it’s often a good place to start.  Last week I went through my closet and put away all the things that made me feel too old, too rigid, or simply didn’t compliment my body in the way I would like it to.  I noticed the old pattern of not wanting to get rid of something just because it was too expensive or because I felt like I need to have it “just in case” of some occasion which never came my way.  Or simply feeling bad that I only wore those red shoes once in my American sister’s wedding and they were pricey so I needed to squeeze some value out of them.

You may laugh and think I broke through this easily but I didn’t.  In fact, I took a picture of the things I took out of my closet, shoes and clothes and I posted them on a local facebook group.  But not one person responded yet.  So, unless one of my closest friends feels like she’d take something, I will be donating the entire collection of j crew, banana republic, bergdorf goodman and alike stuff to charity and write it off for taxes.  This way I will satisfy my mind (always worried about being wasteful) and will still let it go.

I hope this little reminder helps.  Spring is near.  Start clearing little things.  For every space you clear, something new can come to replace it…Take it  one-step-at-the-time 🙂

To clarity and purpose,