~ f a c t s ~

I am Marija.  I was born in a little Eastern European country on Adriatic sea called Montenegro.  My parents got divorced when I was 4.  My mom, miraculously, raised me alone.  The authority male figure in my childhood was my 6 year older uncle with whom I grew up.  My dad was around on weekends or just holidays until I was about  9, and then he moved away.  I didn’t see him until over 20 years after.  I crossed the ocean at the age of 16 and lived in New York City for the past 17 years.  I finished college in NYC, worked on films, then got my graduate degree.  In meantime, I spent time exploring the city, learning yoga, going to silent meditation retreats, doing leadership trainings and working on myself while doing whatever I needed to do to keep up.

I started to start this blog when I began to travel outside of US again, mostly going to Montreal to visit my fiance.  I had breakthroughs in my relationships that were really worth sharing.  Since then, we moved to Florida and then back to NYC where we now live with our 2 boys. After a bit over a 2 year break, I am back to writing here again.



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