My name is pronounced Maria and these are my stories.

From a very young age, I used drawing, writing and music to process things that I was feeling that I felt most people didn’t feel or at least didn’t talk about.

As a child of divorced parents, raised by my mom, longing for my dad for years, with no siblings, in a conservative culture of Montenegro, I wanted to find ways to validate my experience of life.  While I have formal education all the way to a Master Degree, a lot of what I really know I learned by tuning in, listening to my heart and feeling my way through.

I often feel like I don’t belong and if I look through my life, I can make a strong case for it.  And yet, I have it that all of our souls came here searching for something so as a human being, I know that I am here and that I matter. My biggest motivation for sharing here is being told over and over again that I can get into the heart of the matter and share authentically what others told me they felt but couldn’t say.

Perhaps my writing won’t resonate with everyone, but I feel, instead of sitting on the side lines and judging so much garbage that we are exposed to every day, I will make an effort to put out something that comes from the essence of who I am, with no agenda or attachment.

I hope you enjoy.

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