My Come Back


Dear Reader,

I am getting close to being 40.  It has me self-reflect a lot.   In addition, working as a personal coach, I am constantly looking at ways to reinvent myself and my life.  Sometimes it’s not even a choice, it is what is needed for me in order to serve a client, but it never fails to be exactly the thing I need.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now, to share my life, my message, my life as my message.  Then last night as I was drifting asleep, I realized, I already have a blog, I just stopped attending to it.  So instead of starting fresh, I decided to continue.  I decided to accept what I have already written and just continue on.  I am not doing this to let things linger, on contrary, I am doing this so I can fully own all that I have been and all that I am now.  If there is anything to repair, amend, then it will surely show up as I continue to write and I will repair/amend accordingly.

I welcome back those of you who read my blog posts before and I welcome all the new readers with open arms.  You see, since I last posted, I had another child, moved back to New York City and have grown in ways I can’t even explain.  And I won’t explain, I will just continue to share my voice and continue to grow.  I invite you to grow with me.

With gratitude for life, love and light


Marija ❤